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Skills and interdisciplinarity

We take care of the needs of our customers, assisting them with competence and availability. Our work involves a design phase, the execution and intervention phases, up to any future maintenance.

Project Design

Drafting of conservative restoration projects, estimates, surveys, degradation mappings and stratigraphic investigations. In the context of diagnostic investigations on Cultural Heritage we use external professionals, certified according to current legislation.

The work we provide is valued for its completeness and readability.

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We are specialise in conservative restoration of works in OS2-a. We intervene on stone materials, external and internal; wall paintings (tempera, frescoes, lime paintings, oil paintings); stucco; valuable plasters; marbles; chalk; wooden works, also polychrome; ceramics; glass and terracotta materials.

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Technical Management

Technical management in the context of conservative interventions of the decorated surfaces of the architecture and works in OS2-a, providing for the development and realisation of the planned projects and the respective investment plans.

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Conservative Maintenance

The monitoring and periodic maintenance of the works of art ensured a better conservation in time. A careful maintenance plan at given times or on condition prevents the excessive development of degradation phenomena that might require more invasive (as well as longer and economically more demanding) interventions for the work of artl.

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* SOA qualification in OS2-a: Decorated surfaces of real estate of cultural heritage and movable cultural heritage of historical, artistic, archaeological and ethno-anthropological interest-classification II


Martina Serafin is also founding partner of the firm MAUVE s.r.l., together with the restoration technicians Annamaria D’Ottavi and Paolo Roma. The firm operates in the field of ancient, modern and contemporary mobile works. Seres s.r.l. and MAUVE s.r.l. have often cooperated, each in their respective sector, either in the same project or in the same public and museal spaces.
Among the latest works we can quote:

Church of the Nativity of Virgin Mary
Bondeno, Ferrara
Iconostasis of the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta
Isola di Torcello, Venezia
Ca' Bottacin interiors
Santa Croce, Venice
Staging of the art gallery in the civic museums of Treviso
(2017 – 2018)

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