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Stone elements

Bas-reliefs by Antonio Canova - Venice

Gypsum plaster conservation

  • PLACEMuseo Correr, Venezia
  • CLIENTRegione Veneto
  • DATE2014
  • INTERVENTIONGypsum plaster conservation

The intervention was carried out on four 18th-century plaster bas-reliefs, called “La Speranza”; “Sons of Alcinous” and “Socrates drinking the hemlock”. These works, sculpted by Antonio Canova between 1787 and 1792, remained in the gypsum stage and were never carved in marble or bronze.

The state of conservation showed how the artifacts were in critical conditions, also due to the changes brought by previous interventions. Our primary goal was to carry out a minimum intervention, starting from a control of the structure of the manufactured items. A delicate and respectful cleaning of the surfaces was then carried out, removing the pathogenic substances and maintaining the integrity of the original. The integration of materials and paintings allowed to restore the legibility of these candid masterpieces.

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