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Boudoir in Palazzo Belloni Battagia - Venice

Restoration of architectural surfaces (frescoes, wall paintings, stuccos, marmorinos)

  • PLACEVenice
  • CLIENTPrivate client
  • DATE2021
  • INTERVENTIONRestoration of architectural surfaces (frescoes, wall paintings, stuccos, marmorinos)

In one of the apartments of Palazzo Belloni Battagia, where we restored the external facades and the stone elements of the monumental atrium in the previous year, there is a boudoir made with stucco and marmorino and fresco and fresco-secco wall paintings. The palace was built on the remains of a pre-existing Gothic construction in the mid-seventeenth century, on the project by Baldassare Longhena, to be the home of the Belloni family. There is scarce information about the boudoir.

The boiserie, in marmorino faux-black marble, had been entirely covered with layers of yellow monochromatic synthetic paints. On the other hand, the upper part, with stuccoes and wall paintings, was covered in unsuitable stucco and repaintings. The removal of the overpaintings, cleaning, consolidation, filling and retouching operations have brought the decorations back to their structural and aesthetic integrity.

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