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San Lorenzo Martire Church - Casumaro di Cento, Ferrara

Executive design and works management on decorated wall elements

  • PLACECasumaro di Cento, Ferrara
  • CLIENTCEA Cooperativa Edile Artigiana
  • DATE2019 – 2020
  • INTERVENTIONExecutive design and works management on decorated wall elements

The first news on the birth of the Parish Church can be found in a precious document, found in the church archive in Casumaro. There, the reasons behind the origin of the parish in 1451 are described in detail. The church was heavily damaged during the earthquake in 2012. Seres s.r.l., cooperating with CEA Cooperativa Edile Artigiana, won the contract for the restoration works and the careful homogenisation of painted surfaces. The need to complete and homogenize the finishing was necessary due to several interventions carried out on the church, regarding conservative restoration and inadequate repaintings. The earthquake caused cracks on the counter-façade and in the upper part of the central nave. These movements had important consequences on the wall polychromies, as well as on the choir, which needed a securing intervention  in preparation for the interventions planned in the design project.

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