Newwave Media srl



Creation of decorations to new, on various materials

The firm relies on skilled technicians to create new decorations, using different techniques, both traditional and modern. These decorative elements are able to enrich and personalise the interiors, giving them a unique touch. We are experienced in the decoration of wooden and wall surfaces. Our artisanal approach confers an additional value of materiality and colors the objects, meeting our, both private and public, clients’ choices.

Our experiences include collaborations with luxury hotels in Venice, such as Hotel Bonfadini, in Fondamenta Savorgnan, sestiere di Cannaregio, and Hotel dei Dogi, in Fondamenta Madonna de l’Orto. We have been able to satisfy the owners’ demands in private buildings as well, thanks to the decoration of fixtures and wooden furniture, in Villa Barbaro, in Ponzano Veneto (TV) and in Palazzo Morosini, in Venice. In Villa “Calzavara Pinton” in Pianiga (VE), now a municipal library, we worked on the decoration of 3 ceilings. In this case, the original ceilings had to be removed for safety reasons. We then proceeded to a faithful reconstruction of the whole decorative apparatus.

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