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Byzantine iconostasis of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta - Torcello, Venice

Executive design and works management in OS2-a

  • PLACETorcello, Venice
  • CLIENTSave Venice Inc.
  • DATE2019
  • INTERVENTIONExecutive design and works management in OS2-a

The Byzantine iconostasis of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Torcello is one of the main examples of the Byzantine styles in Italy. Mainly made of stone, it is enclosed by six columns, near 3 meters tall, ending in six tunnel-carved capitals. On the lintel, on the side of the presbytery, several oil-painted boards follow each other, depicting the Madonna and Child and the Apostles on a golden background. They are attributed to Zanino di Pietro, who probably painted them after the restoration of the Church in 1423. Important and highly simbolical the four Byzantine pluteus, dating back to the XI century. They can be found in the lower part of the iconostasis facing the faithful in the presbytery. They depict four alternated themes: the peacocks drinkinf from the fountain of life and the rampant, facing lions.

The conservative restoratiion project concerned the stone elements of the iconostasis. It was carried out in compliance with the principle of minimun intervention. The interventions involved a pre-consolidation and cleaning, precursor to the dismantling of the stone elements. We then proceeded to a dismantling of the entire stone structure, in order to allow the insertion in desalinating basins of the elements subject to saline efflorescence. The stone elements were then consolidated and returned to their original position, securing them. The cleaning and integration operations were then carried out.

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