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Obelisk commemorating Giosuè Carducci - Bolgheri

Executive design and works management in OS2-a

  • PLACEBolgheri - Livorno
  • CLIENTSocietà Agricola CITAI
  • DATE2019-2020
  • INTERVENTIONExecutive design and works management in OS2-a

The place became famous thanks to Giosuè Carducci, who lived in this area for several years. In order to commemorate him, Giuseppe della Gherardesca commissioned a small obelisk at the end of the street, near the S. Guido oratory. In october 2019, the obelisk was victim to a car that lost control, breaking the monument down and inflicting and extensive damage.

In addition to the treatment of surfaces affected by a diffuse biological patina and deposits due to the external location of the obelisk, the restoration of soft stones elements concerned preliminary operations, such as storage and displacement of the portions.

The large and medium-size blocks were placed on wooden pallets inside the carpentry, while the small ones were cast aside in order for them to be discarded. Once the carpentry elements were ready, we proceeded to trace each medium size element back to its original location on a large-size piece. The operations aimed to group each fragment on its respective block, in order to proceed to the choice of the most suitable method for the gluing.

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