Newwave Media srl

Wall paintings

Palazzo Fossi - Florence

Design and conservation of the interior wall paintings.

  • PLACEFlorence
  • CLIENTDimora 01 SRL
  • DATE2019-2022
  • INTERVENTIONProgettazione ed esecuzione dei lavori di restauro conservativo dei dipinti murali in interno

Palazzo Fossi, in Florence, can be considered a nineteenth-century work by Enrico Presenti. Purchased by the Fossi family in the early decades of the nineteenth century, it was
held by this family until 1909, afterwards it has been property of various insurance associations including Inail until 1943.

Various inner rooms presented neoclassical wall paintings that had been covered by recent paintings over the years. In December 2019, we started the removal of these paintings on the walls and ceilings of the building. Afterwards we carried out consolidation, filling and retouching operatotions.

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