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Ancient marble

S. Severino e Sossio - State Archives Naples

Wall paintings and stone conservation

  • PLACENaples
  • CLIENTCapriello Vincenzo restauri
  • DATE2019-2021
  • INTERVENTIONWall paintings and stone conservation

The Benedictine monastery, transformed in 1845 into the General Archives of the Kingdom venue, is one of the largest and richest religious institutes in Naples. In addition to the large marble cloister built in the sixteenth century, the seventeenth-century wall paintings in the cadastral room have been restored. The 17th-century frescoes on the walls, by Belisario Corenzio, depicting scenes of the miracles of Jesus, had been lost since they had been covered in the mid-19th century by the large wooden shelves of the State Archives. The vault depict parables, allegorical figures and scenes from the Gospel, painted in fresco and dry-stone.

The restoration of the external marbles and the internal paintings have taken place simultaneously. The shelves have been removed from the paintings on the walls , brought to light and restored, while on those on the vault the yellowed and altered protective which obscured the original colours was removed. Consolidation, filling and retouching phases also contributed to revalue these refined paintings.

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